Conservatory Gardens

Guest Count: max 100 pp

Nearby Entrance:  East 106th Street and 5th Avenue 

Conservatory Gardens is located on 106th Street and 5th Ave and can accommodate a wedding ceremony of up to 100 guests.  Although the Conservatory Gardens does not feature a traditional “New York Look,” it is the only formal garden found in Central Park and is cultivated with beautiful flowers that range from heirloom roses to the most common indigenous flowers.  The quiet, calm atmosphere of the Garden, which is free from runners and bicyclists, makes Conservatory Gardens an ideal location for a Central Park wedding.  The Conservatory Gardens are located in a special location of Central Park run by the Central Park Conservancy.  Therefore, a wedding ceremony requires a special permit as well as a special permit for photography.  The ceremony permit costs $400 plus an extra $100 for photography.  The gardens are divided into several different gardens that are all ideal for wedding locations.

The North Garden, also known as “French Garden,” has beautiful seasonal blossoms, an abundance of spring tulips, and the famous “Three Dancing Maidens” sculpture.

In the South Garden, also known as the “English Garden,” you will find seasonal flowers, magnolia and lilac trees, and the Burnett fountain.

The Central Garden, also known as the “Italian Garden” features a large rectangular lawn anchored by a jet fountain and is enclosed by two beautiful walkways shaded by yew trees and pink and white crabapple trees.

Wisteria Pergola is located on the western end of the Central Garden and serves as a picturesque walkway along to the Central Garden.

Look at Betsy & Ben’s wedding and Moz & Dian’s wedding in Conservatory Gardens on Facebook!

If you are interested in this location, let’s move to the next step and check out I Do Celebrate Packages!


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