Natural Accents & Smaller Outdoor Weddings Popular Trend for 2012

During the past few years, a popular trend for weddings has been throwing a huge, flashy over the top celebration.  However, as 2012 approaches, we are seeing a shift away from these gigantic galas and a move toward more socially responsible understated weddings.  Instead of having a guest list of 1000, brides are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings of 100.  More and more couples are deciding to get married in a venue other than a church.  Outdoor weddings and weddings in interesting places are becoming popular ways to make your wedding stand out from others.  Getting married in a park offers beautiful scenery and calls for minimal decorations (saving you money!).  Natural and rustic accents are going to be hugely popular for the beauty and ambiance they provide, and incorporating the local landscape into weddings is also becoming extremely popular in upcoming 2012 weddings.

Having your wedding at one of Central Park’s many attractions fits perfectly with these new upcoming trends for 2012.  Many of Central Park’s most beautiful attractions can accommodate a small wedding of 10-30 people.  If you are still a bride who desires a wedding that is a little bigger, there are locations in Central Park that can accommodate 100-300 guests.  Central Park is a unique, beautiful place to have your wedding ceremony.  The local landscape of the park and New York City will be incorporated into your ceremony and will surely make your wedding day unforgettable.

Book your 2012 Central Park wedding with I Do New York before 12/31/11 and receive 10% off of your wedding package (don’t forget to mention the deal)!  Visit our website.

Central Park Wedding, Cop Cot


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