Strangest Places to get Married

Sharks swimming around, people are in wet suits, an officiant is heard through underwater speakers, and peoples vows are on cue cards. You’re probably very confused as what is going on, but in fact it’s an underwater wedding. Yes, it’s a real thing and it’s quickly becoming a fad. It seems like more people are ditching the white gown and tuxedo for more unconventional looks.
Outlandish wedding locations are trending, from weddings at McDonald’s (yes, McDonald’s) to racetrack. Couples are constantly trying to do something that nobody has ever done or heard of before, from colorful dresses to exotic flowers and entertainers. People typically decide to get married in exotic places because they want it to be an event for them and their guest to experience and never forget.

   After asking around at I Do Celebrate, many staff members wanted to get married near an active volcano or skydiving. In the past I’ve witnessed a couple getting married at a music festival. I think that in keeping with the tradition of marriage, it seems that couples are seeking to add some adventure into their ceremonies.
Whether you decide to get married in Central park over looking The Lake or at your local McDonald’s, your big day will be special regardless of the location.

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