I Do Celebrate was founded in 2008 by Thomas Noel, a top 10 event designer in New York and United States. Thomas started his career in the event business 20 years ago when Robert of Robert Isabell Incorporated hired him to oversee the production of Miller/Von Fürstenberg nuptials. There he helped produce Sarah Jessica Parkers wedding, the Costume Institute Ball, the Giorgio Armani/Emporio Armani Launch, and American Express 150th Anniversary at Madison Square Garden. Thomas decided to launch his own company in 2002. From then on he produced multiple events with the Cannes Film Festival and worked around the globe from the forbidden city of Beijing, Tokyo, and various venues in the U.S. and Europe including the Palace of Versailles. Thomas Noel believes all couples should have a luxurious wedding well within their budget. As a result, I Do Celebrate was formed and is significantly redefining the event industry.

For more information, please contact The I Do Celebrate Team at idocelebrate@gmail.com or call I Do Celebrate at (800) 654-5962

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