14th St – 15th St|Art Deco District

Guest Count: max 150 ppl Nearby Entrance: 15th Street and Ocean Drive This elegantly beautiful area is located at the end of Art Deco District, off the infamous Ocean Drive, between 14th and 15th street. Beginning on 14th street, you’ll follow a beautiful, tropical walkway filled with tall elegant palm trees. This walkway will take you onto the lovely white sand and crystal clear blue water beach, also … Continue reading 14th St – 15th St|Art Deco District

Art Deco District

Guest Count: max 100 pp Nearby Entrance: 10th Street and Ocean Drive Art Deco District, located along the infamous Ocean Drive between 5th and 13th street, is a trendy South Beach neighborhood with scenic/historic walking areas, and colorful art deco buildings. This neighborhood is one of the most popular destinations in the country, giving South Beach it’s vibrant lifestyle and characteristics. At the Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean … Continue reading Art Deco District

Lummus Park

Guest Count: max 150 pp Nearby Entrance: 5th Street and Ocean Drive Lummus Park, located along the infamous Ocean Drive between 5th and 14th place, is adorned with vibrant green grass and beautiful tall coconut trees. This area is booming with life, surrounded by fun activities such as volleyball and pull-up bars. As you pull in 5th street, there is a convenient circle drive, centered with a single palm tree, for … Continue reading Lummus Park

Strangest Places to get Married

Sharks swimming around, people are in wet suits, an officiant is heard through underwater speakers, and peoples vows are on cue cards. You’re probably very confused as what is going on, but in fact it’s an underwater wedding. Yes, it’s a real thing and it’s quickly becoming a fad. It seems like more people are ditching the white gown and tuxedo for more unconventional looks. Outlandish wedding … Continue reading Strangest Places to get Married

To Elope or Not to elope

Eloping in the past conjures up images of teenagers sneaking out of their windows in the middle of the night to get married. But in more recent posts more and more couples are embracing the once-covert from of nuptial, turning it into a more public affair there forth boosting an industry along them. Americans embrace eloping because of the stress it causes one, not to … Continue reading To Elope or Not to elope